Looking For A Book? Use Our Book Requester To Find Out If We Have It!

We have over 100,000 books, so chances are pretty good we have your book. You can use this "Request" form 24/7/365 to ask if we have what you need, and to tell us if you would like to "pick up" the book(s) or if you will be using our shipping services. We can then check our inventory and, if applicable, calculate the shipping costs to your zip code, and then we can contact you to explain your options.

You can use this "Request" form to ask about only 1 book, or as many as 5 books at one time. If you are looking for more than 5 books, that's OK - just submit an additional form for books 6-10, books 11-15, etc.

This Is Not An Order Form - It's A "No Obligation" Request For Information!

This is NOT an order form - it's simply a "Request" for information, and there is no cost or obligation to you. If we don't currently have your book in stock, and you want us to keep looking for it, we'll be happy to do that for you (without cost or obligation), including adding your request to the "Books Wanted" page of our website.

Assuming we have the book you are looking for, and you like the price, we can either set it aside for you to pick up, or if you are anywhere in the USA, you can pay via credit card and we can ship it to you. Or you can say "no, thanks" at any time in the process and we'll just say, "OK, thanks anyway." If all of that sounds pretty simple, that's because it really is - so if you're seriously looking for a specific book, complete this "Request" form and we'll let you know if we have it!

Important Note: If you ask us to keep looking for a book, please remember to notify us if you move, change your email address or phone number, drop your land line and only use a cell phone, or otherwise change your contact information. If we find a book that you've requested, we must have a way to contact you with the good news!

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